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Dissolve Oxygen Monitoring in shrimp pond (update)

FCJ Go Cong 2nd installation on May 23rd, 2018

On the return to Go Cong, CM Engineering Vietnam (CMEV) bring new features update to Fuji Consultant Japan (FCJ). The feature update is on-scheduled, based on agreement between CMEV and FCJ. It helps automatically control paddlewheel and/or micro bubble pump in corresponding to current level of dissolve oxygen. Manually control function is also available. Thanks to CMEV software installed on a cloud server, customer can monitor pond water status and control pump remotely over internet. System setting is managed by CMEV engineers, customized based on customer’s need, so the system have been ready to use.

For the detailed activities, we also did function test at field, to make sure that everything is okay, before transfer to customer. In addition to this, we had checked and updated latest firmware to sensor nodes. After six months of usage, CMEV’s products are in a very good condition. Both software and hardware are developed by our engineers, so that we can fully manage quality and features, then deliver the best value to our customers.

Figure 1: CMEV engineer is checking previously installed sensor node


Figure 2: Controller node designed by CMEV


Figure 3: CMEV engineer is updating latest firmware to device


Figure 4: Function test at field by CMEV


Figure 5: Dissolved oxygen chart on GUI


Figure 6: Auto-control function on GUI