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Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring in Aquaculture-Shrimp ponds

Bac Lieu 20-Dec-2017

At middle of December, CM Engineering Vietnam (CMEV) has installed Wireless Sensor Network system to monitor parameters of Aquaculture at customer’s site in Bac Lieu province.


A customer locates in Bac Lieu province would like to apply ultra-intensive farming in shrimp ponds. This required more convenient monitoring and control methods in order to effectively manage quality of dissolved oxygen concentration to make stable and healthy environment for shrimp with lower power consumption cost.
On that occasion, CMEV has introduced our system Wireless Sensors Network that applies Core Technique Cresson 920MHz RF band which help customers monitor dissolved oxygen concentration in their ponds regularly & instantly.
Water’s parameter are periodically collected based on customer’s configuration for each stage of the growth of shrimp adapted with their requirements.

System topology:

-One Master node communicatge with one Sensor node.
-Parameters collected by Sensor node:

・Dissolved Oxygen Saturation Percent.
・Dissolved Oxygen Concentration.
・Water temperature.
・Salinity (Optional).

-Master node uploads sensing data to the Internet via WiFi connection.
-Users monitor the parameters via Zabbix system and CMEV-GUI (March-2018).
-Oxygen generator is going to be remotely controlled by the Master node (March-2018).


  • Sensor node:


  • Master node:


  • Zabbix Display:



Standing side by side with customers in strategies effective aquaculture in Viet Nam, CMEV is going to supply our most effective solutions just in-time.
In near future, remote control functions is going to be upgraded to the current deployed system along with our own GUI, offering our customers more solutions which reduces power consumption and human resource, enhancing customers’ benefit from their works.