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People Counting System Experiment in Tramcar of Nagasaki Electric Tramway Company

Counting people is one of important concerns of a passenger transportation company. It can be exploited for several goals but knowing how many persons using your public transit system is a prerequisite.


Experiment content

We installed our people (passenger) counting system (PCS) in a tramcar of Nagasaki Electric Tramway Company. Our first target is to test the PCS in a real application so that we can refine and improve our counting system to a point where the counting accuracy is above 95% and average at 97-98%. The second target is to integrate the PCS into an intelligent transportation system (ITS). Information of passenger-load-factor at a particular station or stop will be analyzed to decide whether some actions are necessary to improve station facilities, attract new passengers and increase revenue.


Experiment result

The experiment was conducted in Nagasaki prefecture (2 routes). Result: the accuracy is over 95%.

※1:Arrival time has some gap due to visual confirmation.
※2:It’s data acquired with iSiD Mr.Mstsushima creation software.



Nagasaki Electric Tramway Co., Ltd. (
Mr. Matsusaka, Mr. Yamaguchi
University of Nagasaki (
Prof. Hitoshi Morita, Ph.D.
Mr. Nishikawa, Mr. Toda, Mr. Matsushima
Mr. Watabe, Mr. Ninomiya
LAPIS Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (
Mr. Saito
CM Engineering Co., Ltd. (
Mr. Fujimura
CM Engineering Vietnam Co., Ltd. (
Hasegawa, Tuan Huynh


Future plan

We are installing the PCS in Vietnam in order to improve the counting accuracy and quality of the PCS as well. Besides, we will participate in the ITS AP Forum FUKUOKA 2018 to introduce our product and the application for Intelligent Transport System.

ITS AP Forum FUKUOKA 2018: