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CRESSON-MD920MHz based Smart Aquaculture Experiment in SOHA Food Company

To introduce our technology and our applied system to support agriculture and aquaculture in Mekong Delta area, CM Engineering Vietnam (CMEV) and SOHA Food Company has discussed for cooperation to monitoring water parameter at pond near office.

Time: 21-June → 25-June 2016
Place: SOHA food, feeding Pond, Thoi Hung Commune, Co Do District, Can Tho City, Viet Nam

In this demonstration, our product CRESSON-920MHz (the specified low-power radio microcomputer module at the 920MHz bandwidth) used to monitor water parameter: pH, temperature but constraints that system will work outdoors and monitoring should be regularly each 30 minutes.

Figure 1: SOHA’s pond position and area (source

Based on these parameters, SOHA can know their status of water pond and reducing workload of worker to get water sample every day.

Figure 2: Viewpoint from Repeater devices to Office (Master device position) and view of a pond at SOHA

Base on this condition, CMEV has updated our system with solar panel and backup battery to make sure system can work more than 1 week (nearly 10 days) without sunny after full charged. Moreover, waterproof also considered to work at outdoors and in Mekong Delta weather.
With updated system from CMEV, now our WSN (Wireless Sensor Networks) can cover all area of SOHA’s pond (more than 400m) and still have capacity to increase.

Figure 3: Repeater device with solar frame, antenna and waterproof

Figure 4: Child device with solar frame, antenna, and sensor devices (under water)

Like other CMEV’s demonstration, all parameters also put to cloud server for customers can easy to monitor status.

Figure 5: Water parameters display on web server

Figure 6: Mobile Application ZAX (Android) also consider for this demonstration

With success of this demonstration, CMEV and SOHA will continue to develop water-monitoring system; adapt with request from SOHA, CMEV will introduce more sensors and feedback control to current system and contribute to productivity improvement in near future.

Inquiries regarding to this experimental demonstration

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+84 8 7300 1100 (Direct)

Future efforts of CM Engineering Vietnam Co., Ltd.

We will continue to contribute to the spread of smart agriculture using CRESSON MD920 in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.