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IEEE International Conference on Integrated Circuit Design and Technology 2016 (ICICDT)

ICICDT 27 – 29, June 2016, CM Engineering Vietnam (CMEV) sponsored and joined the conference for introducing CMEV’s services and products.
In addition, we want to propose the WSN and applications using CRESSON-MD920 product, RFIC technology and also look for the potential customers and partners.

About the Conference:

ICICDT is the forum for engineers, researchers, graduate students and professors, to cross the design-technology boundary through interactions with design, technology, and process experts to develop the skills for future IC research and development. The 2016 conference is a joint event between the ICICDT-2016 and the 4th Solid State Systems Symposium – VLSIs and Semiconductor Related Technologies (4S-2016). The unique workshop style of the conference fosters an environment for exchanging breakthrough ideas and collaborating effectively.


Figure 1: ICICDT 2016

Technical topics

a.    Advanced materials and processing technologies
b.    Advanced transistor and interconnect structures
c.    Three-dimensional (3D) integration
d.    Variation-tolerant designs
e.    Process and design techniques for soft errors, plasma-induced damage, and reliability
f.    Advanced memory devices and circuits
g.    RF, analog, mixed signal, and I/O circuits for future technology generations
h.    Simulation and modeling of advanced processes, devices, and circuits
i.    EDA and design optimizations across system, circuit, and/or device levels for high performance, energy efficiency, yield, and/or reliability
j.    Design for manufacturing, yield, and test
k.    System-on-Chip (SoC) and system-in-package (SiP) design integration
l.    Power semiconductor technologies and circuits
m.    Emerging technologies and circuits

CMEV booth:

CMEV Booth

Figure 2: CMEV Booth

Conference activity:

Conference activity and workshop

Figure 3: Conference activity and workshop


The conference are well prepared with many high quality presentations, it was a great success. In workshop program, many visitors visited the CMEV’s booth and CRESSON product.