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CRESSON-MD920MHz based Smart Agriculture Experiment in Organik Dalat Farm

After installing the Smart Agricultural Experimental Demonstration at Agricultural Hi-Tech Park (AHTP), CM Engineering Vietnam (CMEV) would like to introduce the Smart Agricultural Experimental Demonstration hold in Organik Dalat Farm.


Period: 20-Jan-2015 ~ 31-Mar-2016
Place: Organik Dalat Farm, Xuan Tho commune, Da Tho ward, Dalat City, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam


In this demonstration, wireless sensor network (WSN) system that is using our company product – CRESSON-MD920 (the specified low-power radio microcomputer module at the 920MHz bandwidth) is installed for monitoring the parameters of environment. Based on the parameters, farmers can detect the vegetables disease and make solutions to prevent the disease.

Figure 1: Environment monitoring system demonstration structure


We install multiple units with the sensors for air temperature, humidity, soil temperature, luminance… at Roquette vegetable and Tomato green-houses in Organik Dalat Farm by using CRESSON-MD920 which is possible to transmit sensor data over long distances. The sensor data is possible to load periodically at the office where is far from the green- house.

Figure 2: Installed units at the green houses in Organik Dalat Farm

Besides, it is possible to connect to the cloud server and monitoring situation by the internet line that was installed for the experimental demonstration and get the alert notification from the control office in case of abnormality. By using smart phones or tablets connecting to our Zabbix system via Internet, users can monitor current data and the green house environment anywhere without installing any application.

Figure 3: Experiment demonstration result


CM Engineering Vietnam Co., Ltd. will use the various data from this experimental demonstration to promote WSN in agricultural field by using CRESSON-MD920 series, inherit the know-how that has been the challenge in agricultural field, improve the quality and contribute to productivity improvement.


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Future efforts of CM Engineering Vietnam Co., Ltd.
We will continue to contribute to the spread of smart agriculture using CRESSON MD920 in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.