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Environment monitoring system installation in Lam Dong province

LamDong mapLam Dong Jun-18-2019

CMEV was deploying a wireless sensor network system in Lam Dong province of Vietnam for monitoring environment parameters in a greenhouse.


A customer specializes in high quality vegetable production desired to clearly understand the condition in their greenhouses continuously for important parameters which definitely deal big effect to growth of vegetable. The parameters online monitored every minute by CMEV system here are:

    • Ambient temperature and humidity.
    • Carbon dioxide (CO2) gas concentration.
    • pH index, Electrical conductivity and Temperature in fertilizer tanks.
    • UV index.
    • Daylight illuminance.
    • Wind speed, wind direction.

System deployment

System deployment 1


  • After the installation, the parameter reading results by CMEV system were crosschecked with the customer. The system is going to be monitored by both side for two months since the installation date.
  • Also, after system installation completion, the customer ask CMEV to confirm the 920MHz communication in many location inside the factory area. This confirmation result would be referred for future business with other CMEV products.