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The 16th ITS Asia-Pacific Forum FUKUOKA 2018, May 8-10th, Fukuoka International Congress Center


CMEV paper
“Design and Implementation of High accuracy People Counting System in Tramcars based on 3D vision” Ngoc-Tuan Huynh, Masanobu Hasegawa, Ba-Thai-Dien Le (CM Engineering Vietnam) and Yuji Fujimura (CM Engineering Japan)
Introduce CMEV to other company and academic community
Gain new information about Intelligent Transport System
Get familiar with academic activity


CMEV participants:
Masanobu Hasegawa and Huynh Ngoc Tuan


About The 16th ITS Fukuoka 2018:
The 16th ITS Asia-Pacific Forum FUKUOKA 2018 holds ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) technology and services for the development of Asian mobility society and the creation of new value and evolutionary continuation. The holding of AP Forum in Japan will be held for the first time in 22 years
The Forum collects technologies that have already been put to practical use and generalization, and the latest technologies that realize the next generation mobility society from administrative, enterprise, universities and others involved in ITS technology and services


- More than 2000 visitors from over 27 countries (2 days)

- Many companies and universities (Toyota, Honda, Panasonic, KDDI, Mitsubishi, The University of Tokyo, Kyushu University etc.)

- More than 200 papers from many countries (both oral presentation and poster)



CMEV presentation

CMEV introduces and discusses People counting system for tramcar with audiences


CMEV presents Implementation of High accuracy People Counting System in Tramcars based on 3D vision, a successful cooperation between CMEJ and CMEV.
Most of the topics are about Infrastructure, Safe Driving and Autonomous Vehicle. Fortunately, the “Image Analysis” session is quite interesting and more comprehensive.
We get cutting-edge technologies that support the current and future intelligent transport system.
ITS Asia-Pacific Forum has variety of research topics for CMEV to publish the paper in future.



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