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Dissolve Oxygen Monitoring in shrimp pond

Go Cong 18-Oct-2017


At middle of October, CM Engineering Vietnam (CMEV) has installed our system that applied Wireless Sensor Network to monitoring Oxygen of water at customer site in Go Cong Province





Customer (Fuji consultant Japan) site located in Kiểng Phước Village, Go Cong Province. They currently applied Fine Bubble Technique in shrimp farming. They must control quality of Oxygen in Water strictly to make stable and healthy environment for shrimp.

Getting requirement from customers, CMEV has introduce our system Wireless Sensors Network that applied our Core Technique Cresson 920Mhz for monitoring Dissolve Oxygen in Water regularly & exactly to customer.

Value of Oxygen is collected in period base on intention of customer for each stage of the growth of shrimp adapted with their requirements. 


System topology:


- One Master connect with one Slave device (monitor node) at distance around 100 meter (reason of small distance because of size of farm is rather small)

- Water index: Dissolve Oxygen Saturation, Dissolve Oxygen Concentration, and Water temperature.

- Master node connect to Internal via 3G connection.

- Data monitoring via Zabbix System



Some image of CMEV-WSN system after installation.


Monitor node


Master Node with Cresson 920 Mhz inside


Zabbix system


Get latest data:


View chart of all index:




Accompany with growth of Fuji consultant Japan farm and with all shrimp at Vietnam, CMEV will always supply our best solution to aim farm in monitor their farm’s quality and also for best productivity.


In near future, more functions of system such internet control and automatically control will be applied to our system, give more controllable solution to all our customer for their success.




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