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ET & IoT Technology Exhibition 2016

The ET & IoT Exhibition 16-18, November 2016. CM Engineering Vietnam (CMEV) joined for introducing CM Engineering Group’s services and products.
In addition, we want to propose Smart Aquaculture with Water Monitoring System using CRESSON 920MHz, Smart Agriculture with Agriculture Notebook using Web application, Smart City with People Counting System using Camera, and also look for the potential customers and partners.



About the exhibition:

  1. Purpose:

    Exhibition & Conference, Focused on IoT Technology, Advanced Technology and Solution Gathering

  2. Field

    a.    Semiconductor Devices in IoT, Wireless Sensor Networks/M2M Technologies, Remote Control Monitoring System, Wireless Networks(Wi-SUN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, NFC, etc.), Wearable Devices, ITS System(Vehicles, Traffic Management System, etc.), Data Analysis Technologies, Engineering Design of IoT Platforms, Security/Authentication Technologies, Smart Energy Technologies(wireless power transmission, smart meters), Integration Technologies and Services, Authenticated services(Wireless Authentication)    
    b.    Location: PACIFICO YOKOHAMA, Japan
    c.    Period: Nov.16 ~ Nov.18, 2016.

  3. Size : 415 Exhibitors, 809 booths


CMEV in CME booth:

Figure 1: CMEV’s panels


Exhibition content:

There are 3 demonstrations

  1. Water monitoring system
  2. Agriculture Notebook
  3. People Counting System


Figure 2: CMEV’s demos


Figure 3: Introduce demo to visitors



Many visitors interested in our demonstrations. We also found some potential customers and partners as well.


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