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Vietfish Exhibition 2016

The Vietfish Exhibition 03 – 05, August 2016, CM Engineering Group (CMEJ and CMEV) joined for introducing CM Engineering Group’s services and products.
In addition, we want to propose the WSN and applications using CRESSON-MD920 product for water monitoring, and also look for the potential customers and partners.


About the exhibition:

1.    Field

a.    Export, Import, Processing, Distribution, Service, Equipment…..
b.    Location: SECC center, District 7, HCM city, Vietnam.
c.    Period: Aug03 ~ Aug05, 2016.

2.    Size : 227 booths

CMEV booth:

Figure 1: CME’s booth


Exhibition content:
There are 3 demonstrations

1.    Water quality monitoring system  
2.    Weather monitoring system


3.    Early problem detection with the remote monitoring system


Figure 2: Introducing demonstration to visitors


Our booth is attractive booth in the exhibition with over 70 visitors. We also found some potential customers and partners as well.


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