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Exhibition Guide of 18th Embedded Systems Expo (ESEC)

This time, CM Engineering Vietnam Company Limited will participate in 18th Embedded Systems Expo (ESEC).  
CM Engineering Vietnam Company Limited will introduce the services of CM Engineering Co., Ltd. , the products of CM Engineering Co., Ltd. and CM Engineering Group.

In this exhibition, we will introduce the solution products that unified the communication function, image processing using the photo taken by camera, wireless call terminal unit and sensor unit that based on the specified low-power wireless communication microcontroller module for 920MHz -  「CRESSON-MD920 Series」and this product. Besides, we will also explain a sample using the wireless sensor network in ICT Agriculture with a demonstration.

In addition, we will introduce about「SpecInsight Family」- the product can design and verify automatically by inputting the specification information of the customer and about「SpecInsight- TEX」- the automatic generated testbench product – that is started selling from this February.

Please come and visit us at our booth. We’re already looking forward to introducing our services and products to you. 



May 13th, 2015 (Wed)~ May 15th, 2015 (Fri) 10:00~18:00
※Last Day: until 17:00


Tokyo Big Sight - West Exhibition Hall; Booth No.: West 6-10
<Official Site HP ⇒ http://www.esec.jp/

Exhibited Product

The  wireless communication microcontroller module for 920MHz
We will introduce five kinds of basic modules such as the 32bit PIC microcomputer version, 16bit(XLP) version that reduces the standby current, 2 kinds versions for multi hops that can be chosen according to the usage, USB version that is useful for access point at once.
This product is the key product of the wireless sensor network structure that can correspond to the mass production manufacturing.

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The solution products based on CRESSON-MD920 series
We will introduce the products that connected the external microcontroller and the sensor. By the demonstration, it can see the responding version for RS-485 that Bell Design Ltd. (our related companies) provides, the sensor unit that connected to the sensor and the call terminal that notifies abnormality by the alarm.
The ICT agriculture demonstration that uses the watch system and the sensor unit that uses the call terminal is must see.

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Demonstration (Real Time Demonstration) of ICT Agriculture (Smart Agriculture)
We will introduce the greenhouse watch demonstration applying the wireless sensor network to the ICT agriculture in cooperation with Saitama City. It can see the system that can monitor it on the GUI screen on a terminal and a smart phone by the Internet and Cloud.
The situation of the greenhouse can be in real time observed while it is in the remote place. Moreover, not only watching, when abnormality occurs, the function to notify with the alarm and mail can be offered.

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IT Agricultural Experimental Demonstration of 920MHz wireless feature at the facility of Saitama City


The integrative system that unified photos taken by camera shoot with image processing and communication
 We will introduce the imaging system that can confirm the growth situation of plants and agriculture products, birds and beasts harm watch, senior citizen's watch by FPGA + sensor + camera. After image processing for the photo taken by camera, in cooperation with the CRESSON-MD920 series, it is possible to transfer the image. It can see in detail through the demonstration.
The situation not distinguished easily with a sensor can be observed in real time clearly by confirming it with the image.

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FPGA Design Quality Improvement Services


The services that CM Engineering Vietnam Company Limited provides.
As catch phrase “Innovation Vietnam", we will introduce the view in the advantage and the prospects in future, the technology, the trait to the customer in detail by the panel, material and discussing with the local staff.
The person who worries about the development cost, engineer resource should have a look here. Moreover, it is possible to become a bridge between Japan and Southeast Asia for the customer who thinks about advancement and the business development to Vietnamese society and ASEAN nations.

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CM Engineering Vietnam Co.,Ltd.


Automation design and verification support tool - 「SpecInsight Series」
We will introduce about「SpecInsight-TEX」 (the automatic generated testbench product that is started selling from this February) and 「SpecInsight Series」by the demonstration of a product that generates automatically from specification information, design・verification data, environment, etc.

Because the work efficiency of the test bench making is improved rapidly, the hardware design and development period can be shortened greatly. Moreover, it is possible to use it also for maintenance and the quality improvement of specifications by feeding back the data generated with this product to specifications.

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