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CM engineering, started selling a new product of verification automation tool "SpecInsight-TEX"

    CM Engineering Co., Ltd. (Head Office locates in Shinagawa District, Tokyo City; Managing Director is Kawai Atsushi) is a company that provides the third party SoC verification service, FPGA total services, wireless communication design and development service, automation design and verification support tool - 「SpecInsight Family」, specified low-power radio communication microcontroller module for 920MHz - 「CRESSON-MD920 series」. We started sales of new product - 「SpecInsight-TEX」 (hereinafter referred to as “this product”).
    This product is the tool that generates the verification environment automatically basing the functional specification. Testbench and verification scenario is generated basing the timing chart that is created as an interface specification. It can combine a plurality of timing charts and verify multiple functions. Feature of this product is that it can automatically generate a verification environment for simulation from the timing chart with a simple GUI operation. You can do easily simulation verification even if you are inexperienced person in testbench description and simulation. By using this product, it can improve the quality of the RTL at the initial stage of design and prevent the step-back after the board evaluation. As well as to improve the design quality of the final product of the customers, we will also contribute to the TAT and cost reduction.
    At the same time sales start with this product, the products are already on sale such as "SpecInsight-NEO", "SpecInsight-REG" and "SpecInsight-ACE" are upgraded; and the GUI and database of SpecInsight family are unified.
    Therefore, it can create specification, operate RTL and operate verification environment in an unified environment. Besides, the operability of the timing chart editor that has been installed in this product and "SpecInsight-ACE" was further improved. Time-consuming timing chart drawing can be more easily and the specification creating can greatly improve the efficiency.
    In the future, so we will expand SpecInsight Family further. If you have any inquiry about the function in details and the price, please feel free to contact us.


Introduction Document for SpecInsight Family:


About CM Engineering
  CM Engineering provides a range of solutions such as the third-party verification service that is the top with the verification methodology, consulting service for verification technology improvement, training services in order to meet all needs for semiconductor verification.
    In addition, CM Engineering is a technology group that provides product development, services in wide fields such as wireless network that uses baseband technology, RF technology, and development of communication network products, sale of the low-power wireless communication microcontroller module for 920MHz band - "CRESSON-MD920 series", the analog design technology, LSI design of the communication system.


※The mentioned proper nouns and the product names are the registered trademarks or the trademarks of CM Engineering.
  Related Link: http://cmengineering.co.jp/products/specinsight-tex.html



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